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 Increase Gate for Knock Out Round Cup Matches
Ellis Simpson - November 16th 2018 8:56

Improving the rewards in later rounds of the cup makes the richer (better) clubs richer and the poorer (worse) clubs poorer.  I wouldn't see that as improving the game.

Brian Beerman - November 5th 2018 14:47

Adam, Dave...I can see your point. I always work to get as many cup games as possible each season for those reasons. Sounds like a fair answer.

What do you think about giving the D1 champion a financial or CP award, like days of old?

Adam Meney - November 5th 2018 8:49

Personally I feel like there is enough reward fromn the extra games and the extra coaching slots.  It all mounts up.  Just ask TED.

Brian Beerman - November 5th 2018 1:56
Thank for the thoughts, David. A quick phone reply. Perhaps it’s worth reconsidering a reward for the D1 champion. Cash or CP seem appropriate. It’s a big accomplishment, like the cups, and I think deserves something in addition to a trophy.
David King - November 4th 2018 18:22

For the reality of the game, yes it does make sense. But there is already an increased reward by having that extra coaching slot worth 25k for every extra cup game you play plus the match income.
This could be partially negated by having perhaps only the manager cup at least split in to a two tier cup so the teams that don't progress o the main draw still get a lesser cup run.. But with perhaps no inflated gates and perhaps the finalists only get 2 cp and no morale boost?

It's a balancing act. Do we reward teams who go on a cup run? Yes, probably, because they often do that at the expense of the league. Except that the league no longer has any reward so they no longer lose anything. A trophy? Umm, yep. Morale boost for the season? Yeah, it's a tiny cash boost each game. Nice to have on a long campaign.

Brian Beerman - November 4th 2018 16:22

I think match gate should increase as the knock out matches progress through the cups. As the games become more important, I would expect ticket prices to rise. This should then increase the gate distributed to the teams. I won't pretend to know the best way to make this happen, whether it's a flat increase per round (e.g. +20k per round to divide between both teams), or a modifier increase per round. I wonder if any other managers feel the same, or if some are opposed to it. Is anyone on the fence? What does Adam think?


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