Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

June 18th
18:13:28 GMT
Poles Apart
An end to the horror tales?

Back to back wins in the last session have well cheered things up. Hoping, at least, to finish the season with a winning run. Illuminati at home will be a tough game. But even away to the Villains, we should be good enough to get a win if things go reasonably well.

Must confess, have one eye on the top two. Am expecting TMT to hold on. But you never know what surprise might lurk around the corner.


Rob Fallon
Rufous Whistling

June 16th
00:28:33 GMT
Rufous Rant

Very proud...thanks to all the characters who've made these last 500 losses so very special.


Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

June 11th
05:22:43 GMT
Poles Apart
Horror tales

But this time, not horrible for Elana. Horrible for TMT. Horrible for Leicester.

Three losses in a row, and then it was TMT. What hope did we have? Well, somehow we sneaked a 1-1 draw. We scored first and led for most of the game! That draw was a precious point for us, but it hurt TMT terribly. They dropped out of first place, leapfrogged by Spartick's away win at Gotham.

Things went even better for us away at Leicester. We sneaked a 1-0 win. They had a man sent off, and Weiss reaped the new found freedom.

At the start of the session we were in 8th position, and looking at maybe being dragged into the relegation zone. At the end, we were in 5th. We might even be able to get higher.

This session, it's Fulham at home (will not be easy) and Chuzhou away (should be easier). Onward!


Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

June 4th
04:40:16 GMT
Poles Apart
Don't watch alone

Nightmare. 1-0 up against Tayside at home. We manage to lose 2 goals and go down 2-1. Well, at least Tayside had something to celebrate.

Nightmare. 2-0 up against Glasgow away, at half time. We manage to lose 3 second half goals and go crashing down 3-2. Well, Glasgow had something to celebrate.

Our league position has crumbled away to eighth. And guess who is up next? TMT!  If Leicester v Glasgow or Gotham vSpartick go badly, we'll be in the relegation zone! (Need to get a good result against Leicester.) Where the hell did it all go wrong? Just a run of bad luck? Or bad tactics? Squad is OK - not great but OK. Thinking cap on...


Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

May 28th
03:23:07 GMT
Poles Apart
Broadcasting resumed

Well, that enforced absence from this platform may have been a good thing. Our results, since crashing - OK, limping - out of the cup, have been awful. (I am in polite mode.)  Two losses and a draw do not make for success. That having been said, we remain firmly in fourth place in the league. I say 'firmly' because I am trying to get back into more positive thinking, but in reality there are four predators poised on our shoulder. If we play as badly as we have done, we'll be back in 8th slot pretty soon.

This session, Tayside at home and Glasgow away. Tayside are having a bad run. Their last two losses have dented morale, and they are floundering a wee bit. So, that plus home advantage must mean we are in with a shout. Glqasgow away are another kettle of fish for different reasons. Their string of losses is worse, but they have real talent in their squad and may well be able to inflict some pain on our attempt at resurgence. In short, all to play for.


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