Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

February 12th
06:55:06 GMT
Poles Apart
New Season, New Start - Introducing Plan M

We have invested in the club's future by bringing in outside consultants. The result: Plan M. (Minimize and maximize.)

The first steps in implementing Plan M have been taken.

> Goodbye Emmanuel Lasker and Berthold Englisch. We wish you luck.

> Get ready Abram Blass and Vitaly Chekhover to move on to new clubs. Regrettably, you do not feature in Plan M. (Some decent young talent available for all you other managers.)

Want to know the most radical part of Plan M? We must learn to love the cups. (Yuk!) That will not be easy, but we are going to try. 

Plan M is under way!


Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - February 16th - 16:52:05
Jon, all of these. Maybe. 8)
Jon Love - Adelaidonians F.C. - February 16th - 01:34:36
Plan M - Marvelous, Magnificent, Misunderstood, Magical, Malevolent, Miserabilist?
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - February 13th - 00:04:50
*fall* (stupid Apple autocorrect)
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - February 13th - 00:04:07
Ellis, you never know. The Gers call a couple of times each season. It could be you that topples them
this season.
Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - February 12th - 16:49:47
I'm always happy. Well, apart from during previous cup matches. And as for
matches against Teddys, I expect them to be a losing but learning experience.
for now.
Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - February 12th - 13:23:30
You will learn to love the cups, and you will be happy once again.
Stewart Miller - Teddybears F.C. - February 12th - 09:00:11
Good luck with 'Plan M', Ellis, except when you face TED of course!
Jon Love
Adelaidonians F.C.

January 30th
23:06:17 GMT
The Onian
Shoe in

Wow! Just noticed that Onians have a T11 that puts us in 5th place in Evolution div 2, our highest ever. And the same for T16. Now if only we had Elana Torun to play twice we would be a shoe in for promotion. 


Ellis Simpson - Elana Torun - February 4th - 04:44:57
LOL! Must check our T11
Jose Augusto
Orgullo AtlÚtico

January 30th
15:36:53 GMT
Pasiˇn Colchonera
Nueva temporada atlÚtica

Nueva temporada para el Orgullo Atlético. Madison nuevo capitán, se incorpora Thomas. Oblak, Koke y Gameiro por la temporada de consagración. Cambio de equipos rivales. Y un jugador en la lista de trasferibles, Sidibe, defensa de 2-10.


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