Simon Kendrew
Dynamo City

August 16th
23:07:55 GMT
Waxing Poetic

Well thank you all for those kind words, I'm hoping that means I'm doing the right thing.

When I took the reigns at Dynamo City I felt a bit like a kid in a candy shop and then I went all Pep Guardiola and went and bought myself a football team. Yes, I have actually brought in 11 new faces to City, although more akin to Jose they're mainly attack minded players, but then my predecessors did leave behind a half decent defence.

Originally I had intended to use City's vast resources and cash reserves to blitz the Auctions, but I managed to find the players I needed through some good trades. I was mindful of the needs other teams might require and targeted squads with under 2000k with cash offers and those with 2000k+ with offers of CP.

I'm a little unsure of the value of T11 when it comes to transferring that value into getting results. But City top the division's rankings for T11 now and that apparently is a good thing. The aim is to be top of the division table at the end of the season. That is my focus and a challenge I'm looking forward to taking.

City have 3 friendly matches before the season starts and I'm looking forward to testing the team against Richard's Inbhir Narainn, Colin's Sparta Partick and Roy's St Pauli Pirates. Although I'm not sure whether they expected City to be more of a pushover when they sent their invitations!




Simon Kendrew - Dynamo City - August 16th - 23:14:43
Now did you know that Aretha's R-E-S-P-E-C-T was originally written by Otis
She took it from being a plea from a man asking respect for bringing home the
bread to a landmark feminist anthem
Ellis Simpson
Elana Torun

August 16th
04:26:34 GMT
Poles Apart
Pre-Season Preparation

This time is bittersweet. It's bitter for the players we have to let go - in this case, Averbakh, Szabo, Denker, and Zukertort - and sweet for the new arrivals - Blass, Chekhover, Fine, Kohn, Pleci, and Alburt. We wish those departing all the best, and wish that all the new arrivals are blessed with a long and successful career.

Of course that depends on results, and the downside of the introduction of youth is that this bseason we may be struggling to match last season's form while the kids get up to speed. But we will do our best.

Finally, Berthold Englisch's appointment as captain has been confirmed. Will he ever get the bonus, though?

Next up, friendlies.


Stewart Miller
Teddybears F.C.

August 13th
11:50:33 GMT
The Bear Essentials
Issue 103: Pre-Season Is Here!

Welcome Gaffer, the pre-season is upon us. Will there be any changes to the squad before our first game?


"I don't see anything significant happening. I'm pleased with our squad as it is."


You've promoted young Davie Weir from the youth team.


"Aye, I like to bring one apprentice into our squad at the start of each season and Davie looked the best prospect."


I see that you've converted Barry Ferguson into the 'Playmaker' role. I'm looking forward to watching him spraying passes around the pitch.


"Aye, I brought Baz to the club specifically with developing him in that role in mind. He will form an ideal midfield partnership with Souey. His passing flair should complement Souness's steel"


Yes indeed, Gaffer. The Bears are excited about seeing those two control our midfield, hopefully for years to come. What's all this nonsense about there being a run on the sale of club chess sets ahead of our Manager Cup game against Old Colony?


Gaffer laughs: "Aye well, I happened to say in an interview that the new Old Colony shirt reminded me of a chess board I had when I was a kid. It was made up of black and red squares. So when The Bears found out they decided that they would hold their own chess tournament before Match 25 using all these shirts that Brian said he'd leave around the ground as boards! Brian, that reminds me, if you are reading this, I've been asked to inquire as to how many squares are on the back of your extra large shirt size? Are there sufficient for an 8x8 board or will The Bears need to cut the shirts open down one side?"

Interviewer has difficulty controlling his laughter: .......Sorry Gaffer, I just can't imagine The Bears playing chess, never mind on an Old Colony shirt! That will be a sight I'm really looking forward to seeing!

Thanks once again Gaffer for your insight

Until next time.....Get yourselves down to the club shops. I hear that a new supply of club chess sets has been delivered!


Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - August 14th - 13:29:11
Ah, there’s plenty of space for a full size 8x8 playing surface. Maybe we let our captains play a best of
three series before our Manager Cup tilt.
Brian Beerman
Old Colony F.C.

August 9th
20:43:33 GMT
Old Colony Tap
Vincenzo Coccotti Named Captain

Old Colony announced today that veteran midfielder Vincenzo Coccotti was named team Captain for season 40. The Italian is entering his sixth season with the club, this being his first term as Captain. Coccotti has been quite successful as an attacking center midfielder. He has 49 goals in 142 appearances, 43 of those goals coming in the last three seasons. Coccotti has been instrumental in Old Colony's success the last three seasons, helping the Quaffers finish second in Division Three, first in Division Two, and eighth in Division One. In addition, Coccotti helped Old Colony reach the semi finals of both the Manager Cup and Origin Cup last season. This was the first time the club had reached the Manager Cup round of four. So far Coccotti has only raised one trophy: the Division Two silverware in season 38. With the talent around him this season, fans are optimistic the team will hoist a more meaningful trophy this season.




Brian Beerman - Old Colony F.C. - August 12th - 16:13:10
Where we're going, we don't need luck.
David King - Unsporting Lisbon - August 10th - 18:57:15
Good Luck, Vincenzo.
Jose Augusto
Orgullo Atlético

August 8th
23:19:47 GMT
Pasión Colchonera
Enterprising Trader

Hello everybody, thanks for the "Most Enterprising Trader"... me? well... new season, the objectic, the origin...


Mike Parnaby
Huascaran Heights

August 6th
19:54:48 GMT
View From The Summit
Squad changes

A new season sees a new squad at Huascaran Heights. Firstly, Jim Craig retains the captaincy for this seaason. Released players are Dimitri Payet, Jeff Astle and Tommy Callaghan. New players are Jose Garcia, Pepe Salazar, and Sergio Gaston. More to follow.....................


David King - Unsporting Lisbon - August 6th - 19:59:11
Quick off the mark, Mike.
Good luck for the season ahead.
Brian Beerman
Old Colony F.C.

July 31st
16:35:26 GMT
Old Colony Tap
Ned Logan Retires

Old Colony Forward Ned Logan Set To Retire


On Tuesday morning, Old Colony FC announced the retirement of seven year player Ned Logan. The American striker saw regular time on the pitch from the day he signed with the Quaffers. Expectations were high when Logan signed as a youth, and while he racked up 218 appearances, he never became the top flight scorer fans hoped for, scoring only 38 goals. Despite his average performance as a striker, Logan was a fan favorite, often running around the pitch after home games to thank the fans, and occasionally sign autographs. Known for a strict dietary and physical regimine, Logan was always the first on the team to be at Etemereg each morning, and often the last to leave at the end of the day. 


Ned Logan released an offical statement through Old Colony: "I must first thank the fans: without you, none of us would be here. Quaffers's fans are the best in the game. Period. I would like to thank my teammates over the years: each of you challenged me on a daily basis, which made me work harder to be the best I could be day after day. I cannot thank Old Colony FC enough. This organization gave me the opportunity to play, and demonstrated belief in me from the first day. Finally, I want to thank my wife. Without her patience and love, I would not be where I am today. Thank you, Old Colony; thank you for everything."


Enjoy retirement in Kansas, Mr Logan. You have certainly deserved that much.




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