Missouri Legal Beagles (MLB)
CoachPhil McIntosh
StadiumCharles M Shulz Stadium (40000)
CaptainReymond Fuentes
Coaching Points1
One Touch Football10
Morale0.34 (0.00)
LeagueOrigin Division 3: 6th
EstablishedSeason 1 (2001)
NicknameThe Dawgies
Following (Avg)13,652 (24,282)
Club Record
OverallDiv 1
Previous Names
Nailgun Assassins (NA)S1 - S3
Sea Eagles (SEA)S4 - S10
The Amish (AMI)S11 - S12
Past Coaches
Alan McFarland (S1-3), Greg Sealby (S4-8), Andy McKay (S8-10), Warren De Niese (S11-12),
Trophy Cabinet
Division 1 Runner Up16
Division 2 Winner35 19 24
Division 2 Runner Up113
Division 3 Runner Up127
Origin Cup Winner113
Origin Cup Runner Up118
The Manager Cup Runner Up122
Wooden Spoon13
Name  (26 Players)PosASLELPU
Blaine Boyer GK224557
Hunter Dozier GK4181000
Ian Kennedy GK6101000
Peter Moylan SW223854
Alex Rios SD6161007
Jason Hammel DF220551
Lucas Duda DF219851
Andreu Fontas DF0151007
Brady Singer DF014806
Jake Junis DF691000
Johnny Cueto DF781000
Josh Staumont DM420493
Ben Zobrist DM6161000
Samir Duenez MF120557
Malcolm Culver MF318660
Ryan OHearn MF1171005
Neftali Feliz MF3171001
Cheslor Cuthbert MF4171000
Whit Merrifield MF5101000
Kris Medlen MF771000
Ryan Buchter WG322601
Raul Mondesi WG4121000
Trevor Oaks FW122557
Scott Alexander FW320830
Reymond Fuentes (c)FW518852
Billy Burns FW5121000
Players With Special Abilities
Alex Rios Swansong
Ben Zobrist Athletic
Reymond Fuentes Athletic
Cheslor Cuthbert Athletic
Ryan Buchter Athletic
Unavailable For TradeMatches
Ryan OHearn 4
Team Form
Last 10: lDddlWlLWd
MVP: lDd
Team DPs: 140
Missouri Legal Beagles are rivals to 0 teams.
Recent Transactions
October 20, 2018
0/8 DF Brady Singer (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
September 18, 2018
0/8 DF Andreu Fontas (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
August 24, 2018
1/12 MF Ryan OHearn (Bosman) signs in the draft.
February 9, 2018
0/8 FW Trevor Oaks (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
0/6 MF Samir Duenez (100k) is promoted to the senior squad.
1/12 GK Blaine Boyer (Bosman) signs in the draft.
July 9, 2017
0/8 DF Jason Hammel (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
0/8 SW Peter Moylan (250k) is promoted to the senior squad.
1/12 MF Neftali Feliz (Bosman) signs in the draft.
February 24, 2017
0/6 MF Malcolm Culver (100k) is promoted to the senior squad.
February 11, 2017
0/6 FW Scott Alexander (100k) is promoted to the senior squad.
January 28, 2017
1/13 GK Hunter Dozier (Bosman) signs in the draft.
Team Needs
Season 40 Kit
Next 5 Matches
38 Dec 14 Joburg Division 3
39 Dec 15 Cubanos Division 3
41 Dec 21 @Barcayr Division 3
42 Dec 22 Quokka Division 3
Last 10 Matches
36 Dec 08 L2 - 5@Huascaran Division 3
35 Dec 07 D1 - 1Colwinston Division 3
33 Dec 01 D0 - 0@Bandidos Division 3
32 Nov 30 D2 - 2@Clarkston  Division 3
31 Nov 27 L1 - 4(n)Ballingry The Manager Cup
30 Nov 24 W2 - 0Dalgety Division 3
29 Nov 23 L0 - 5@Albion Division 3
28 Nov 17 L1 - 2Kendyminster Division 3
27 Nov 16 W1 - 0(n)Chelsea The Manager Cup
26 Nov 10 D0 - 0(n)Narainn The Manager Cup
About Missouri Legal Beagles
Coach's Bio: Phil McIntosh

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